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özel amaçlı pens zımba imalatı
Specialised Clamp and Stapler Manufacturing
makina kalıp tasarım imalatı
Machinery Mold, Design and Manufacturing
izlenebilirlik numaratör imalatı
Traceable Letter Punch Manufacturing
amaca uygun pnömatik hidrolik
Expedient Pneumatic and Hydrolic Press Systems
makina aparatlar
Machinery and Apparatus
talaşlı imalat hattı sıkma bağlama sistemleri
Machining Line Press and Connection Systems

About Us

Özgül Makina continues its 50 years old story as a supplier to the leading companies of Automotive, heating & cooling, electric-electronic, white goods, mold & machinery industries.

Özgül Makina can offer its costumers specialised and spontaneous solutions while giving providing their regular manufacturing needs. Our Manufacturing range includes machining with "from design to manufacturing" philosophy. Our company that has relations with industry leading companies for many years. With our modern machinery parkour, vision that combines traditional mastery with high technology and ability to successfully manufacture products that require high precision makes us a trustful business partner.

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CNC Cutter

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CNC Lathe

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Wire Erosion